Laura Rubenstein

“It is my personal experience after taking five courses with Alexis that she approaches each and every one her classes in an always obvious nurturing, respectful and dedicated manner. She cares immensely about the content she provides and has the unique ability, that is often difficult to find in many online classes available from others, to make the student feel like he or she is learning in a personalized environment that was created just for them.

I have always felt while taking one of her courses that she is sitting right there with me--teaching me skills, prodding me forward, encouraging me and even mysteriously knowing exactly what it's been that I needed to hear to not give up. She has the capability of providing content and support in a way that advances students who are beginners to those who are more seasoned and advanced artists--there really is something for everyone to gain through her courses.”

Laura Rubenstein, Artist

Janessa Slangen