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Teach Art Online Student Story

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What are some of your biggest successes, achievements, breakthroughs, transformations, skills or intangibles gained as a result of taking Teach Art Online?

Offering e-courses has been a dream I have had for years; I believe people come into our lives for a reason and at time when we least expect them. When I saw Alexis’ Teach Art Online being offered it was a light bulb moment that this could be my time to live my dream of bringing my love of art to others online. What I’ve gained from her class is the knowledge and support that I can create online classes that are presented in a professional, educational and caring manner while designing them to connect to all learning styles. The knowledge and transforming breakthrough that I personally gained while going through Teach Art Online is that I have the power to move forward, create and implement my dream.

During our time together in Teach Art Online, what do you believe were some of my special strengths or "superpowers"?

Alexis extends her caring and supportive nature throughout and beyond this course. If I had a question or concern, I know she would be available to answer any questions and to help walk me through the process of understanding. She whole-heartedly wants her students to be successful and openly shares her knowledge and personal experience with her students.

In terms of how I organized my Teach Art Online modules, did you find the curriculum to be structured in a way that supports your learning?

Teach Art Online is presented in a format that is step by step, extremely understandable, easy to follow, teaching you how to create and how to execute your own e-courses. The platform that is used to present the class is welcoming and easy to use.

To what extent do you feel that my PhD in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on adult learners, reflective practice, and critical thinking played a role in my Teach Art Online design, delivery, and instruction?

Alexis brings professional and personal knowledge to the Teach Art Online class that is based from her career in education and life experiences. This course cuts through the tenuous and time-consuming research of where to begin and how to create your own exceptional online offerings. She freely shares from her own experiences and her knowledge of teaching adults that is based on her education.

Did you feel that I have considered different learning styles? (i.e. video, interactive progress checklists, Interactive Workbooks/Worksheets, text lessons, additional resources, etc.)

Alexis’ Teach Art Online class is designed to meet the needs of all learning styles. If you are an audio learner, there are clear and informative videos that have a pleasant and encouraging quality to them. For the visual learner, she has built into the course professional handouts and slides that are filled with outstanding and extremely important needed information to help guide you through building an online presence. You also are provided with worksheets that are based on thought-provoking questions. The worksheets give you the opportunity to compose your own thoughts and ideas of what it takes and what your class will offer. The worksheets provide you with building blocks to help guide you through a thorough thought process. As she walks you through each module, she takes you step by step in the process of laying out your own course. Alexis compassionately shares what has worked for her and what hasn’t, giving you a solid foundation to creating your own meaningful curriculum.

Did you feel that I provided you with the necessary curriculum and professional resources to make your goal of becoming an e-course designer and online instructor a reality?

After completing Teach Art Online I feel I have a solid foundation and am currently building my own professional e-course with a proposed launch date. Without this course it would have taken me years to reach this point in the development of my own e-course.

To what extent did our Open Mike Sessions and/or individual coaching calls support your growth as a future online instructor?

I thrive on collaboration, learning from others life experiences. For me to be able to share and learn from the other individuals taking the course was extremely valuable. Knowing we were scheduled for an Open Mike Session weekly, I was motivated to be prepared for the meeting. The Open Mic Sessions gave me the incentive to complete each module for the week knowing I could intelligently share my thoughts and questions with other students and Alexis. Also, knowing that Alexis was always available through the Open Mike Sessions, email or the FB Teach Art Online to answer questions and to offer support was irreplaceable in my personal development in creating my own e-course.

When you read about Teach Art Online on my website, did you find the sales page to be enticing and informational as well? Do you feel as if I was able to give you the information you needed in order to make an informed decision about enrolling in Teach Art Online?

Alexis’ Teach Art Online website and marketing materials offer an adequate amount of information to make an informative decision in spending a substantial amount of money to sign up for her course. Her marketing tools are very professionally laid out giving you confidence that the course would be offered in the same professional way.

After taking Teach Art Online, do you feel confident that I could teach others how to teach online with a high level of professionalism and comprehensive content? What would you say to someone considering learning from me?

If you are reading my testimonial it is because I feel that any person that puts the time and work into the Teach Art Online e-course will walk away with the knowledge and ability to create your own online course. But it is up to you to apply the comprehensive information that is offered.

How do you feel about the level of support, responsiveness, and flexibility you received from me as an instructor during Teach Art Online?

One suggestion that I can offer is that Alexis is too available. When she lays out her schedule of availability, she needs to hold true to it. She needs to step away and have her personal time. Alexis is one of the most caring and supportive individuals that I have taken classes from.

Do you feel that I'm very responsive and encouraging in our Teach Art Online Facebook Learning Community, supporting students as they grow and learn?

Weekday mornings were so refreshing and inspiring to see Alexis welcoming in the day offering support and motivation. For me that was an energy to keep me focused and on track. Again, knowing that there is always collaboration being offered was a huge support system for me.

Is there any area that I missed where you could provide more insight into why my experience and my passion for teaching and learning makes me the ideal teacher for someone to enroll in Teach Art Online?

Teach Art Online provides a solid foundation for creating your own e-courses. Teach Art Online presents the fundamentals on computer programs that Alexis feels are valuable in creating your own course. The course could have gone into more detail on how to use each of the programs that are shared, but I feel if the course would have gone into all the in-depth elements of the programs the course would have been overwhelming. People would quickly lose interest. By touching on the capabilities of each program this has given you the knowledge to know if you want to further your understanding and knowledge or to use them more comprehensively.

The course Teach Art Online, took me past any perception that I had of what it take to create your own courses online. I’m grateful for Alexis’ enthusiasm to share what she has learned over the years while creating her own e-courses and compiled that knowledge into her Teach Art Online e-course. She presents the information in a complex but comprehensible way. If you implement her knowledge, wisdom and procedures that are presented, you will have gained the expertise to create your own e-courses. This course was the impetus I needed to have the power and courage to create my own e-courses. Thank you Alexis for your time and the love you put into your Teach Art Online course.

Is there additional feedback that you could provide me with to help me grow in my desire to continue to provide the best learning environment for students interested in learning our to teach their art online?

Continue to be yourself bringing a presence of compassion and your knowledge to others.